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     What are the Categories in Facility Management Services?

    What are the Categories in Facility Management Services?

    The Facility Management (FM) industry is expanding at a rapid rate. For workers to be as productive as they possibly can, the places in which they do their jobs should be pleasant, high-functioning, and above all else, secure.

    If you are involved in facility management, you need to be aware that comprehensive and effective building maintenance management cannot concentrate on a single component, but rather needs to incorporate a variety of services. This is something that you should be aware of if you work in this field. Because of this, we facility management company in Abu Dhabi strongly suggest that you make an effort to implement facility management software at your place of employment so that the requirements for facility management can be simplified.

    Two primary categories:

    • Hard Facility Management: includes all of those services specifically related to buildings and systems that guarantee their comfort and correct operation (HVAC system, lifts, fire protection system, etc.)
    • Soft Facility Management: groups all of those services that overlap with property management (cleaning, waste disposal, security, etc.). Hard Facility Management: includes all of those services specifically related to buildings and systems that guarantee their comfort and correct operation.

    There are five distinct types of facility management.

    Activities related to Facility Management can be broken down into a wide variety of categories. Here are the five that occur most frequently:

    • Asset management and life cycle planning refer to the same thing. Asset management is the process of managing the assets of a structure during its entire life cycle, from acquisition through disposal. This method of managing facilities makes it possible to guarantee accurate planning throughout the whole life cycle of the job;
    • In the context of a building, “building management” refers to the specialised administration of “general expenses and related costs,” with the overarching goal of “expanding or consolidating its structures.”
    • Management of Space focuses on the distribution, control, and monitoring of all of an organization’s internal resources, as well as the management of rooms and environs. Simplifying the usage of places, planning periodic cleaning and maintenance activities, and ensuring that all surroundings are utilised appropriately are the goals of this endeavour;
    • The supervision of recycling programmes and the protection of energy and material resources are two aspects of the sustainable management of the environment, which are pursued with the goals of lowering environmental loads and meet increased demand for energy.
    • Preparedness for emergency circumstances: in order to ensure the health and safety of all of the workers, it is required to devise a number of emergency plans that are targeted at addressing and preventing risks, unexpected events, and hazardous circumstances.

    If you are engaged in maintenance operations, you absolutely have no choice but to rely on software that is equipped to handle all of the activities that are associated to asset maintenance. We facility management company in Abu Dhabi would propose, in particular, giving a safe, forward-thinking, and highly adaptable business facility management software a shot, and tailoring it to the exact requirements of each sector of interest.

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