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    A fully functional building is always an asset, and having a reliable partner that contributes to it is even more of an asset. There are many services and activities involved in the functioning of an organisation. This involves managing the infrastructure and maintenance of the company so everything functions optimally, and with practically no downtime. Over the years, Harvest Facility Management has earned quite an impressive reputation as a trusted and reliable facility management company in Abu Dhabi delivering a plethora of services that ensures the smooth functioning of your building.

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    Our professional crew is usually reachable to help you, whether or not it is structuring the right bundle of services for an integrated facility management solution or taking care of one-time maintenance issues.

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    Integrated Facility Management

    Integrated Facility Management

    We have a highly integrated facility management team or IFM for short, for doing all kinds of building maintenance tasks. You don't have to worry about any aspect of the maintenance because our teams work collaboratively with each other to provide dedicated services. Whether it is maintenance and repairs or cleaning and housekeeping or even landscaping, we have it all covered. Each of our team members have received specialised and certified training, and you can be assured of high-quality services that you can trust.

     Tanks & Reservoirs Cleaning

    Tanks & Reservoirs Cleaning

    We provide the highest quality Tanks & Reservoirs Cleaning services for your building. Through regular cleaning and maintenance of tanks and reservoirs, you can ensure the safety, efficiency and integrity of the systems and ensure their durability and reliability. During cleaning services, we will completely remove the debris so they wouldn’t impede the movements of liquids in and out of the tank.

     Air-Conditioners Maintenance

    Air-Conditioners Maintenance

    Air conditioner maintenance is another of our prime services. You can be assured of high-quality maintenance services that will make your HVAC systems function optimally, while saving utility bills in the long run. We have sophisticated systems to clean the condenser unit, coils, fan and motor drain pan, and we will thoroughly check the system to remove dirt, leaves, debris, or anything that might obstruct the smooth functioning of the air conditioning systems.

     Pest Control

    Pest Control

    We provide highly commendable pest control services. We have trained and certified pest control technicians who will inspect your building and its premises, and will arrange for the most effective pest control solutions. We will find a solution to completely eradicate ants, cockroaches, wasps, bed bugs, flies, rodents, you name it.

     Cleaning Solution

    Cleaning Solution

    We have experts who provide sparkling cleaning services to keep your building and its premises clean and dazzling. Your home and office will be cleaned thoroughly with the finest detailing. We provide superior services, keeping your comfort in mind, so we can work round a schedule that will provide minimal inconvenience to our daily routine. Routine cleaning will definitely keep those allergens away, because we will remove the dirt, dust and grime away, and leave no trace of it. Whatever you need to clean, you just leave it, We will Clean it!

    Landscaping Solution

    Landscaping Solution

    Looking for the ideal landscaping solution that will make your property unique and inspiring? Let our team provide the best landscaping solution for you. We can design and maintain landscapes that turn heads. We have excellent architects and engineers on our team to design the best landscapes that will suit your property, and raise its value. Contact us today to know how we can transform your property into the biggest asset

    Hospitality Solutions

    Hospitality Solutions

    We aim to provide a long-term relationship with our clients by providing trust-worthy, reliable and high quality services at cost-effective rates. Our services includes the complete management of your hospitality facility so you can run your business with practically no disruption. We will manage all the visible and invisible nuances involved in the management and smooth functioning of your hotel. Call us today to know about the plethora of services involved with our hospitality service for your facility.

    Maintenance Solution

    Maintenance Solution

    Through our Maintenance Solutions, we provide a skilled and certified team for all your upkeep requirements. Let us keep your building in pristine condition by providing timely repairs and maintenance. Our services are provided at highly competitive rates, and we have an excellent team of electricians, plumbers, builders, landscape experts and other skilled workmen to provide the finest quality services from start to finish.

    Maid Services

    Maid Services

    Getting a trusted maid service is very important to ensure the cleaning of your building or home. We provide honest, hardworking maids who are trained to do various types of cleaning services. The maids come with excellent recommendations and they know how to clean each portion of the room, and what materials to use. Our maids are fully insured, and they are honest, hardworking people who thrive on providing exactly what you need. Your office or house will be safely cleaned under their expert hands.

    MEP Solutions

    MEP Solutions

    Harvest provides the best Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing solutions for your building. Whether it is for installation or maintenance, we have cutting edge tools and infrastructure to provide highly commendable services that will keep all the facilities in your building functioning optimally and without any downtime. Apart from MEP design and installation, we provide timely maintenance, repair and upgrade of your systems so there will be continuation of the services, saving of utility bills and safe environment for the occupants. We continuously evolve with the advancements in technology, so you will always get updated services.

    Interior Design

    Interior Design

    As a trusted facility management company in Abu Dhabi, we provide highly commendable and reputable interior design services. We have a great team of skilled architects and interior design experts who can convert the space in your building into magnificent works of art, increasing their aesthetic value, functional space and providing optimal solutions to the facilities and systems within the rooms. The team consists of qualified individuals with years of experience behind them. We can integrate customised solutions to suit your specific requirements.

    Why Choose Us

    Harvest is a well-known facility management company in Abu Dhabi, providing the highest quality services. We have cutting edge technology and sophisticated equipment to provide tailored solutions to our clients, and we pride in their satisfaction. For each of the services that we provide, we have excellent teams supporting us, both with their knowledge and expertise.

    When you hire a professional facilities management company, you can take care of the entire facilities within your organisation. We provide our services for both commercial and residential clients, and our range of services cover the requirements that will ensure the proper functioning of the building. Harvest provides a unique combination of global expertise and local knowledge thanks to the skill of our team. Our leading-edge solutions promote operational efficiency and our plethora of services cover everything that your building needs.

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      MEP is an acronym that stands for Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing. In the context of building projects, MEP refers to the three essential aspects that encompass the design, construction, installation, operation, and maintenance of the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems within a building.

      The mechanical aspect of MEP focuses on the design and implementation of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, as well as other mechanical systems like elevators and escalators.

      The electrical aspect encompasses the design, installation, and maintenance of electrical systems, including power distribution, lighting, wiring, and safety systems.

      The plumbing aspect involves the design, installation, and maintenance of plumbing systems, such as water supply, drainage, sewage, and fire protection systems.

      Overall, MEP plays a crucial role in ensuring the proper functioning and efficiency of these vital building systems throughout their lifecycle.


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